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  • Relationship Advice Forum • Re: .girl that has disappeared February 20, 2017
    Hi Kit:I'm sorry you're having so much trouble. Lots of people on this website write 385 word posts, 221 word posts and 342 word posts.... I'm not sure why you had such a hard time posting your question.... If you're saying that you need more than that amount space to post the question, well, then […]
    April Masini
  • Relationship Advice Forum • girl that has disappeared February 20, 2017
    Hi April. I wrote a very long and detailed question, and AFTER I was finished (30 minutes), I was told there were too many characters. I can't fit my question into the allotted amount of characters. I would recommend giving the character count limit BEFORE the person pays. I am heartbroken and need help but […]
  • Relationship Advice Forum • Re: How do i get his attention February 18, 2017
    It sounds like you a couple of nice dates, and then things got a little more serious and a little less fun. What you want to try to do is to re-capture that fun, and to be alluring and enticing and flirt with him! Try not to be needy or desperate -- and try not […]
    April Masini
  • Relationship Advice Forum • How do i get his attention February 18, 2017
    Hi April. Im a single mom on one. Several weeks ago a guy from work asked me out and i accepted. He is a single dad of 3 kids. We hit it off on the first date. Talked on the phone every day, texted. He was saying all these thing that made me believe he […]
  • Relationship Advice Forum • Re: My boyfriend always puts his kids ahead of me February 18, 2017
    When you date someone with children you have to learn to be super flexible. The kids do come first -- and it won't always be that way, but while they're minors, they will. But don't despair, because the great news is that you and your boyfriend have a one year anniversary. And it sounds like […]
    April Masini
  • Relationship Advice Forum • My boyfriend always puts his kids ahead of me February 17, 2017
    My boyfriend's ex wife was controlling and demanding and wanted nothing to take any attention away from her, including their own children. When they divorced, the girls chose to stay with him. When we started dating, he made it clear that his daughters were his top priority, which I understood. He's also an air force […]
  • Relationship Advice Forum • Re: In Misery February 16, 2017
    I'm sorry you're upset. It must be disappointing to have someone you felt used to be your best friend, ignoring you and flirting with other women. The problem you're facing is that he was straight up with you when he said he didn't want a relationship at all. Not with you. Not with anyone. When […]
    April Masini
  • Relationship Advice Forum • In Misery February 16, 2017
    I began casually seeing a guy in August, hanging out once a week . Lets call him Joe.We had a convo after hanging out for two months and he told me he did not want a girlfriend. I also told him I was not looking for a relationship and he seemed to warm up to […]
  • Relationship Advice Forum • Re: need help with long distance relationship February 14, 2017
    That's awful! And when you get over the shock.... ask yourself what is going to be worse for you: not saying anything to your best friend and having him find out down the line ( because he will find out eventually) that you knew and said nothing, or having him find out now, weeks before […]
    April Masini
  • Relationship Advice Forum • Should I tell my friend about his girlfriend and my brother?? February 14, 2017
    I came home to see my brother (45mins ago) and seeing where he was at I went to his room to see if he was asleep and walked in on him and my best friend (been knowing since I was 2 years old) girl friend having sex. My mouth dropped now I am stuck in […]
  • Relationship Advice Forum • Re: 5 year relationship ended - should I let it go? February 13, 2017
    I think you should let go and move on. I know this is disappointing for you, but after dating for five years, four of them long-distance, he's made it clear that he's not interested in marriage. If he wanted you back, he'd come after you, but I think that his young age, the geographical distance […]
    April Masini
  • Relationship Advice Forum • 5 year relationship ended - should I let it go? February 13, 2017
    We started dating in college and have been doing long distance since graduating 4 years ago. I would have considered us to be soulmates. We had so much in common and we were a pair - everyone knew we would end up together. About a year ago, I started to ask him what he thought […]

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