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His 21-Year Old Daughter Is My Problem

My boyfriend, James, is 46 and has a 21 year old daughter, Courtney. Courtney went to beauty school. Her dad paid for her tuition, housing, Range Rover, insurance, weekly allowance, cell phone, etc. She finished school, moved back home, says she doesn’t really want to do hair anymore. She has never worked a day (…)

12 Years Down the Drain?

I am 30 and he is 40, and our twins are ten years old. We first got together 12 years ago, but split up because I was young, pregnant and scared, and subsequently, both married other people. He got a divorce and my husband and I split up, and my boyfriend and I got back together. He asked me to marry him again but I have to get my divorce. Our sex life was always terrific (…)

He Won’t Stop Talking To Girls Online

My husband and I have been married for almost 4 years. He cheated on me before we were married and I left him. Then, I agreed to forgive him and we decided to start our relationship fresh and get married. I just gave birth to our daughter a little over 2 months ago. I recently found his Facebook page open so I clicked around and found (…)

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